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What is SecretLocal?

In today’s connected era, any Franchisee can launch a website or run paid search campaigns. Without the right tools to unify their marketing efforts with other franchisees in their network, the digital marketing landscape of a Brand can become a nightmare. You will often see Franchisees:

  • Outbidding fellow franchisees or the head office for the same keywords,
  • Bidding outside their defined territory,
  • Not respecting the Brand’s guidelines,
  • With major mistakes in their campaign settings (no keyword blacklist, wrong territory, wrong landing pages, absence of conversion metrics …)

These mistakes and overlapping efforts render marketing investments inefficient. Diluting the overall impact of the franchisees’ investments.

Turn your digital marketing into a competitive edge with our Franchise Marketing Platform.

Our Franchise Marketing Platform is a centralized, scalable solution that enables Franchise owners to unite their digital marketing investments to increase revenue and market share. These consolidated digital marketing efforts allow:

  • Franchisors to simplify the management process and have a complete view of the overall media investment
  • Franchisees to optimize their individual investments and be kept up to date on how their budget is working for THEM.

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Why SecretLocal?

Turn Key Solution

Offer your franchisees a solution to do Local Marketing online without any knowledge. Three clicks and their campaign is online!

Brand Control

Keep control of the ads your franchisees use online. Uniformize your ad campaign strategies.

Live Reports

Have an overall view of all the performance of your network with our simple dashboard.

Ongoing Learning Center

To leverage and communicate the best practices.

Streamlined business process

that fits with the company’s current reality and terminology.

Live Support

Through an integrated FAQ section, Support forum and 1-to-1 communication platform.

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