Multi-Prêts Mortgages (MPM) is one of Canada’s largest mortgage brokerage firms. With over 6000 brokers and $44 billion in mortgage financing, this franchise business is at the forefront of its industry.

However, in recent years, continued expansion has led to added complexity with regards to their digital marketing landscape. Many brokers manage their own digital marketing independently, which creates a duplication of efforts with the head office, as well as competition against fellow franchisees.

In addition to the financial disadvantages, this creates an administrative challenge for the head office and results in a diluted brand image.

MPM offered its franchisees the opportunity to have their digital marketing initiatives managed via the head office, but soon realized it needed a technological solution to sustain and scale this service.

Thanks to SecretLocal’s Franchise Marketing Platform, Multi-Prêts Mortgages was able to pursue its commitment to continuous innovation, helping our franchisees succeed

Sylvain Mantha, VP Sales & Marketing


MPM turned to SecretLocal for a turnkey solution to help them optimize their collective digital marketing efforts. They needed a platform that is :

  1. Appealing enough for franchisees to abandon their independent initiatives and participate in a consolidated digital marketing service
  2. Flexible enough to support thousands of franchisees
  3. Able to simplify the management of all independent digital marketing initiatives
  4. Aligned with their culture of innovation and continuous improvement


SecretLocal’s Franchise Marketing Platform, a centralized scalable solution that enables franchise owners to unite their paid search investments in order to increase their collective revenues and market shares. All of this divided in 3 dynamic modules:

  • Collaborative Dashboard
  • Centralized Paid Search Management
  • Local Listings Management


Adoption rate

Opportunity for EVERY franchisee to have their digital marketing campaigns managed by an expert

Campaigns efficiency

Due to the centralization of the platform, management time is no longer invested on a case by case basis

Cost per lead

Decreased competition between brokers


As a result of SecretLocal’s Franchise Marketing Platform, MPM was able to optimize their digital media investments, reduce complexity and stand out from competition like never before.

  • FRANCHISEES were offered a turnkey solution for their digital marketing initiatives. SecretLocal allowed them to monitor the performance of their micro-sites and track their individual digital media campaigns.
  • THE MPM HEAD OFFICE benefits from the centralized management of its brokers and complete control of their digital marketing investments. And, because its consolidated, the platform has also helped create consistency in the brand image.